Under the Bayo Moon


Jacques Bertrand is the sovereign leader of the biggest gator congregation in Louisiana, but his rule is put in jeopardy as his thirtieth bayou moon cycle approaches and he has yet to find his mate, literally. She’s missing. Abducted at birth, he and her parents have been searching for her for nearly thirty years. If he can’t find her by his thirtieth bayou moon, he’ll lose his ability to shift, leaving the door wide open for his ruthless adversary Philip Boucher to take over by force.

Angelique always knew she was different but when she shifts into a gator in a fit of anger, could a handsome stranger, claiming to be her mate, have the answers she’s been searching for about her real parents, her mysterious shifting abilities and her true destiny.

It’s love on the bayou Cajun style as this Creole

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